U. S. Reports Term Year 2006-2010

Grzegorczyk v. United States

The petition for a writ of certiorari is denied. Statement of JUSTICE KAVANAUGH, with whom THE CHIEF JUSTICE, JUSTICE THOMAS, JUSTICE ALITO, and JUSTICE BARRETT join, respecting the denial of certiorari. The defendant in this case wanted to murder six people whom he blamed for his divorce and for the loss of custody of his child. He hired and paid hitmen. And he told the hitmen to burn the six intended victims alive. So that he would have a good alibi, the defendant planned to be in Poland when the murders occurred. It turned out, however, that the would-be hitmen were undercover law enforcement officers. So the defendant was arrested and federally charged with murder for hire and a firearms violation. The United States then negotiated a plea deal with the defendant. The plea agreement was unconditional. Among other things, the defendant waived any right to challenge his murder-for-hire and firearms convictions. Consistent with that plea agreement, the defendant was sentenced to almost 18 years of imprisonment. A couple of years later, the defendant filed a motion under 28 U. S. C. §2255 collaterally challenging his firearms conviction. Because of the defendant’s unconditional guilty plea, the District Court denied the motion, and the Seventh Circuit affirmed.