U. S. Reports Term Year 2011-2015

Volume 567 (2011 Term – 3903K)

The U. S. Reports is compiled and published for the Court by the Reporter of Decisions. See 28 U. S. C. §673(c). Page proofs prepared by the Court are reproduced, printed, and bound in coordination with the U. S. Government Publishing Office (GPO). Bound volumes of the U. S. Reports are available for purchase from GPO.

The U. S. Reports volumes available for free download on this website consist of volumes 502 et seq., which covers the 1991 Term and subsequent Terms. Starting with the Court’s 2022 Term, PDFs of the U. S. Reports (in both preliminary print and bound volume format) will be posted to this website as they become available. PDFs of volumes not yet officially published and available for purchase from GPO will be posted bearing a “page proof” watermark.

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