Preliminary Prints

2016 Term – 6438K

The opinions of the Supreme Court of the United States are published officially in the United States Reports. See 28 U. S. C. §411. In addition to the Court’s opinions, a volume of the U. S. Reports usually contains a roster of Justices and officers of the Court during the Term; an allotment of Justices by circuit; announcements of Justices’ investitures and retirements; memorial proceedings for deceased Justices; a cumulative table of cases reported; orders in cases decided in summary fashion; reprints of amendments to the Supreme Court’s Rules and the various sets of Federal Rules of Procedure; a topical index; and a statistical table summarizing case activity for the past three Court Terms. Prior to final publication in the U. S. Reports, the Court releases soft-cover “preliminary prints” that contain the same materials and features as the U. S. Reports. Two or three preliminary prints will eventually be combined into a single bound U. S. Reports volume.

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